Michigan Craft Beverage Council accepting research grant proposals


MICHIGAN (WJMN) — The Michigan Craft Beverage Council is accepting 2020 research grant proposals.

The maximum award that can be received is $50,000. Those interested in applying must submit theirs by 3 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, October 17.

The Council has chosen several priorities like the impact of climate change, crop quality, pest and disease management, water management, and market research.

Proposals will be evaluated based on overall impact to the craft beverage industry, match dollars leveraged, near term impacts to the industry and whether the project will impact multiple segments of the craft beverage industry and its supply chain.

A committee will meet to review proposals in December. Funding decisions will be finalized by the Council in 2020. Approved projects will commence in April, 2020.

Proposals must be received via email at MDARD-CraftBev@Michigan.gov.

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