LANSING, Mich. (WJMN) – Winning Michigan Jobs is a coalition formed by organizations across the state to focus on creating well-paying jobs.

Two Upper Peninsula organizations joined forces with the coalition, InvestUP and Lake Superior Community Partnership. Marty Fittante, CEO of InvestUP, says the coalition will try to advocate for a comprehensive, holistic economic development statewide programming.

“We really saw an opportunity in joining forces with organizations like The Right Place down in Grand Rapids, and the Detroit Chamber and the Michigan Manufacturers Association to ensure that the Upper Peninsula’s voice was part of that conversation,” said Fittante

Fittante says they hope to bring well-paying jobs to rural areas.

“The Michigan Employment Opportunity Program, Senate Bill 615, is actually a successor to the Good Jobs for Michigan Program which expired,” said Fittante. “So what we’ve been able to do by having a voice with this coalition is to ensure that the successor, the Michigan Employment Opportunity Program, actually has an opportunity for the Upper Peninsula and rural Michigan.”

Marty Fittante talks about bringing opportunities to the Upper Peninsula and rural areas.

The Michigan Employment Opportunity Program has tiered levels that will provide opportunities for rural communities that Fittante says didn’t exist with the Good Jobs For Michigan platform.

“Part of what the Winning Michigan Jobs Coalition is supporting that Michigan Employment Opportunity Program,” said Fittante. “In that I think there’s opportunity for a project like Copperwood over on the west end of the Upper Peninsula. It would meet the parameters of what’s required for tax capture, and so if that mine were to become operational it’s such a big impactful project to the west end of the Upper Peninsula that needs jobs and more importantly needs good paying family sustaining jobs.”

More information about the coalition can be found on their website.