UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) – In May 2022, a documentary is set to release titled ‘Unforgettable’ by Aaron Peterson Studios. It follows a group of bikers who set out to ride around the entire perimeter of the Upper Peninsula.

1,600 miles…that is the approximate mileage of the U.P.’s perimeter. On May 22, 2021, Todd Poquette, Marc Salm, Liz Belt, and Kelsy Kellermann left Copper Harbor for a 16.5-day journey around the U.P.

“We don’t know how this is going to go, let’s go try and ride around the U.P. in 10 days, and see what happens,” said Poquette.

This was not the first time Poquette and Salm attempted the circumnavigation of the U.P. In October 2020, Project Adventrus completed 1,050 miles but time constraints and bad weather limited the men from completing their mission. But then came Project Adventrus 2.0 the following spring.

“We invited Liz and Kelsy to join us because we wanted more people to participate in the experience and to show that men and women could do something like this together.”

The Project Adventrus crew navigated a combination of known routes, connected with roads or what they believed to be roads and trails. They averaged about 100 miles per day.

“When you go on a journey that’s 1,600 miles long, everybody would ask what our itinerary was. When I tell them that aside from knowing what day we were showing up and starting, there was no other plan. We didn’t know where we’d end every day, we didn’t know where we’d sleep because it’s impossible to plan a 1,600-mile trip, you can’t predict what’s going to go wrong or where and when it’s going to go wrong,” said Poquette.

The journey didn’t come without its challenges.

“I think that the biggest challenges that we ended up facing were just the overwhelming task that is in front of you and the mental and physical toll that it takes and requires to complete.”

On June 7, 2021, Project Adventrus climbed to the top of Brockway Mountain and claimed victory of their mission to bike the entire perimeter of the U.P.

“I think over the course of time, a year, maybe longer, that trip continues to inform you of the impact it had on your life. It was a crazy experience. I mean I was born here and grew up here, and really thought I had a relationship with the Upper Peninsula. And obviously, I have, I’ve always been an outdoors type of guy. But this trip really just gave me a whole different perspective on this place that I grew up and call home and the place I’m raising my kids.”

The long-term goal for Project Adventrus is to create a published route that will help connect U.P. communities.

“We want the route to by sometime next year to be made public and have local Upper Peninsula communities and cities to work together to figure out how do we connect the route in a way that’s going to bring all the cities and communities together to just promote what’s special about coming up here and getting lost out there,” said Poquette.

‘Unforgettable: A Celebration of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula By Bicycle’ is expected to be released on May 16th.