MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — A lower Michigan distillery has been helping to provide an essential product for businesses during this pandemic, hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer became a hot commodity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocery store shelves have been bare day after day, making it difficult for the public to access.

While there are many essential businesses still open, they are running low on hand sanitizer for their employees.

“We had a need here for some of our critical infrastructure employees to have hand sanitizer, for people in our line trucks, people here opening mail,” said Tom Carpenter, Executive Director, Marquette Board of Light & Power.

“At first, before everything ramped up and closed down, customers indoors, we couldn’t find it, much like everybody else in the community, we’d go out to the local stores and they’d be sold out.”

Iron Fish Distillery, Michigan’s First Farm Distillery, have been producing gallons and gallons of hand sanitizer to help those businesses in need.

As of Monday, they have produced over 4,000 gallons of hand sanitizer and 350 gallons for the just the Marquette area.

“Obviously as a small craft distillery, we have the opportunity, we are licensed to handle ethanol and we are producing ethanol for spirits, but federal government gave us permission about three weeks ago to go ahead and respond to the shortage of hand sanitizer,” said Richard Anderson, Co-Owner, Iron Fish Distillery.

Richard, a former Marquette resident and Co-Owner of Iron Fish Distillery, are providing hand sanitizer for critical and essential businesses only, but they will provide for any vulnerable population that’s in need.

“Following the health and safety of employees and the public are the most important thing right now, so just another step to help them,” said Carpenter.

Iron Fish has sent sanitizer up to the Keweenew and Houghton County. If any business is looking to order hand sanitizer from Iron Fish Distillery, click here.

A gallon of hand sanitizer costs $60.