LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Former Speaker of the House in Michigan Lee Chatfield’s wife, Stephanie, has now released a statement pushing back on her sister-in-law’s claims.

Lee Chatfield is under investigation for possible financial crimes as well as allegations of sexual assault from his brother’s wife.

In a statement released by her attorney, Stephanie acknowledges that her husband had an affair with her sister-in-law Rebekah, as well as other women.

She argues that the affair was consensual and did not begin when Rebekah was a minor, as she has claimed.

In addition to defending her husband and refusing specific details that Rebekah had made, Stephanie claims her sister-in-law suffers from hallucinations.

Rebekah’s attorney Jamie White responded saying Stephanie had reacted to the allegations against her husband “in the traditional way, by blaming the victim.”

You can read the whole statement from Jamie White on behalf of Rebekah below:

“It’s unfortunate but unsurprising that Stephanie Chatfield is responding to rape allegations against her husband in the traditional way: by blaming the victim, calling her delusional, promiscuous, and implying that a girl below the age of consent invited her own abuse. 

It is a well-established fact that the vast majority of victims of childhood sexual abuse hesitate to come forward for years, and Stephanie Chatfield’s lengthy screed is a classic, textbook illustration of the reasons why. When victims summon the courage to come forward, the pain of their abuse is too typically followed by the additional pain of being shamed, called insane, called liars, or in this case, some combination of all of the above.

My client would like to express compassion for everything Stephanie Chatfield and her family must be going through during revelations of serial infidelity, a criminal investigation, and a financial misdeeds investigation.

I look forward to cooperating with the attorney general in any capacity requested, to ensure that Mr. Chatfield is not in a position to harm others in the future.

Jamie White, Rebekah Chatfield’s attorney