MICHIGAN (NEXSTAR) – It’s no surprise that Michigan is one of 48 states in the nation with a state song, but do you know what that song is?

Almost every state song contains the name of the state in the title (with some adding a word or two for variety), and Michigan is no exception. 

Its state song was written in 1933 by Giles Kavanagh and H. O’Reilly Clint and is called “My Michigan.” The Michigan Legislature adopted it as the official state song in 1937.

Michiganders may be surprised by this, as despite being the official song of the state, the song is rarely ever sung or played at official events. 

Instead, Michiganders often erroneously name “Michigan, My Michigan” as the state song. It was written in 1892 by W. Otto Meissner and Douglas Malloch, and multiple versions of the lyrics exist. A bill introduced to the Michigan Legislature in 2003 aimed to make it the official song of the state, but it failed to pass.

According to United States Now, an organization aiming to provide simple answers to questions, one possible answer to why the song “My Michigan” isn’t often played has to do with the state wanting to avoid paying royalties or copyrights. However, this has not been confirmed by any state officials.

The lyrics of the official song, “My Michigan,” can be viewed below:

All hail, my Michigan, Flower of our Union Great

Health to my Michigan, from the Upper to the Strait!

And may the wash of your saltless seas,

While the zephyrs gently sway your trees,

Sing to you, Michigan! Might in War and Right in Peace.

Three cheers My Michigan, And a lusty tiger too.

Long live My Michigan With a Will and Heart so true.

From Erie’s marshes to Keweenaw

May the glory of your grandeur stand.

God bless you Michigan, Fairest state in all our land.

Here’s to My Michigan, May your standard never fade!

We love you Michigan, Every lake and every glade,

So let our hearts sing in harmony,

Let our voices ring in praise of you.

God save you Michigan, We’ll defend you, We’ll be true.

The most current version of “Michigan, My Michigan” – which is not the official state song – was written in 1902. Its lyrics can be viewed below:

A song to thee, fair State of mine,

Michigan, my Michigan;

But greater song than this is thine,

Michigan, my Michigan;

The whisper of the forest tree,

The thunder of the inland sea;

Unite in one grand symphony

Of Michigan, my Michigan.

I sing a State of all the best,

Michigan, my Michigan;

I sing a State with riches blest,

Michigan, my Michigan;

Thy mines unmask a hidden store,

But richer thy historic lore,

More great the love thy builders bore,

Oh, Michigan, my Michigan.

How fair the bosom of thy lakes,

Michigan, my Michigan;

What melody each river makes;

Michigan, my Michigan;

As to thy lakes the rivers tend,

Thy exiled children to thee send

Devotion that shall never end,

Oh, Michigan, my Michigan.

Thou rich in wealth makes a State,

Michigan, my Michigan;

Thou great in things that make us great,

Michigan, my Michigan;

Out loyal voices sound thy claim

Upon the golden roll of fame

Our loyal hands shall write the name

Of Michigan, my Michigan.