MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The latest response following a letter sent to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel from State Rep. Sara Cambensy is another letter, written on behalf of the Northern Michigan University Foundation.

The latest letter, addresses each of the questions raised by Cambensy, including question 14 which was retracted after Cambensy’s office discovered an error in the claim from that question.

The letter on behalf of the NMU foundation calls on the Attorney General to reject the claims made in Cambensy’s letter.

Also on Wednesday, we received a statement from Rep. Cambensy that said in part,

“My letter to the AG is asking for an opinion. My letter is a series of questions based on the laws
we have in our state that govern our universities, procurement and bidding, and those who serve
on public boards and committees. I have asked whether or not certain laws have been followed
or violated. Most importantly, I have asked that the public taxpayers be able to see the
documents that those serving as public officials have made their decisions for this project on.”

“To continue to say that these questions in my letter are instead accusations is untruthful. It
implies that a state representative should not stand up for the citizens I represent and ask these
questions concerning their tax dollars. If there is nothing suspect and nothing to hide, then why
not release the documents and meeting minutes to the public?”

The letter sent on behalf of the NMU Foundation can be read in it’s entirety below:

The full response from Sen. Cambeny’s office can be found below: