CASEVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Two ice fishermen in Michigan’s Thumb region have been rescued by airboat after becoming trapped by open water, authorities said.

Jeffrey A. Stone Jr., 21, and Travis J Bender, 32, both of Harbor Beach, called for help Saturday afternoon, Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said.

An airboat, crewed by a deputy and two firemen rescued the two men.

The two men had stepped over cracks in the ice on the way out to their shanty on Saginaw Bay, not realizing there was a possibility for the ice to split apart as much as it did, Hanson said.

Once the fishermen made it back to shore they were checked out by Scheurer Ambulance personnel and released.

Hanson also wants fishermen to realize the possible hidden dangers that come with ice fishing, especially when the ice is able to move and cracks in the ice are apparent.