Michigan State Police reminds drivers about distracted driving


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MICHIGAN– According to Michigan State Police, the state saw a 57 percent increase in distracted driving crashes and a 67 percent increase in fatalities from those crashes from 2016 to 2017.

There are three main types of distracted driving;
Visual – taking your eyes of the road.
Manual – taking your hands off the road.
Cognitive – taking your mind off of what you’re doing.

“Some of the things that we see with distracted driving is that people are just day dreaming and they’re not paying attention to driving down the road,” said Trooper Stacey Rasanen, Michigan State Police – Negaunee Post. “A lot of times, people think that they can multi-task but in reality you can’t do it. So, we’re asking people to pay attention to what’s going on around them. Something that we see too is that people are on cell phones or on a device as they’re going down the road. Ahether it’s giving you ¤WA4 information to your destination or you’re just trying to see what that email is, again it is againist the law, We are not suppose to be texting and driving so please put your phone in park as you’re going down the road. Distracted driving can also be like grooming or eating or anything that takes your attention off the roadway.”

If a driver is pulled over for distracted driving, it’s a civil infraction citation. The consequences are much more serious though if the driver causes a crash or fatality

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