Michigan State Police seeks Angel Program volunteers


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN)– If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, there are angels ready to help you. Not the kind with wings and halo, but people volunteering their time at the state police post in Negaunee who will take you to get the support you need. But there is a need in the angel program for people to give their time when others need it the most.

“They would say that they want to participate,” said Tpr. Stacey Rasanen. “They are not under arrest and if they do have any drugs or paraphernalia on them we’ll take that, get rid of that. They are checked to make sure that they don’t have any warrants out for their arrest and then if we find that they do have warrants we’re going to try to take care of those warrants.”

14 of our neighbors in the Upper Peninsula have used the program.

“These people usually come, they’re looking for help,” said Glenn Wing, MSP Angel volunteer. “They’re not looking to create problems for you and they’re in crisis and so far they’ve been very appreciative and kind.”

Wing has been volunteering with the program by driving people seeking help to where they need to go since it began in 2017.

“Their stories all a little bit different but they’re all the same in a way,” said Wing. “They fell into addiction. They weren’t looking to be addicted, they weren’t looking to be drug users and their stories about how it’s destroyed their lives and destroyed their families is really heartbreaking.”

To be an MSP Angel, you need to be at least 21 with a driver’s license and a insured, registered vehicle.

“There is some paperwork,” said Tpr. Rasanen. “There’s going to be a background check that’s going to be completed on that person. They can be people that are in recovery and have to be in recovery for at least two years.”

People interested in volunteering can contact Trooper Rasanen at (906) 253-3761 or email her at rasanens@michigan.gov.

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