Michigan suspends breathalyzer contract over testing results


DETROIT, Mich. (AP) – UPDATE: Michigan State Police has launched a fraud investigation into the company that supplies the state’s breathalyzer devices.

State police last week suspended the contract with St. Louis-based Intoximeters Inc. due to performance-related issues. On Monday, the agency announced it is taking all 203 Datamaster DMT breathalyzer devices out of service until it can be determined the instruments are properly calibrated.

During the period, state police officials are recommending police departments conduct blood draws rather than breathe tests to establish evidence of drunk driving.

Below is the original story posted.

Michigan State Police has suspended the contract with the company that issues the state’s breathalyzer testing devices due to “performance-related issues.”

According to The Detroit News, a letter was written to police and prosecutors statewide alerting them about problems with the devices. The letter did not identify the problems or how they were uncovered, but attorneys worry this could impact drunken driving cases if the breathalyzer’s readings are found to be flawed.

Authorities say they will keep using the devices, and in the meantime Michigan State Police will take over the contractor’s duties of certifying and calibrating them.

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