Wis. (WFRV)–The prices of corn and soy bean reached record highs on Thursday and that could soon effect what you’re paying for groceries.


The spike in corn prices comes after the crop has been damaged from the un-relenting heat and a lack of rain over the past several weeks.  


“The problem we are running into is it’s hard to determine what the loss is,” said Calumet County Agriculture Agent Bryce Larson.    


Larson said there will be a loss of corn, but we won’t know how much until this fall. The loss is what causes the price of corn to rise, and creates a problem for dairy farmers, who feed their cattle with corn.


Larsons said the herds of cattle will get smaller, which will mean paying more for dairy and meat products in coming months.


“Ultimately that’s going to raise the protein prices, human food protein prices, be it pork  beef dairy cheese, whatever it will be they will rise,” said Larson.