Miners Park adds donated cameras after vandalism in bathrooms


NEGAUNEE– Negaunee’s Miners Park has been having a continuing issue of vandalism in the bathrooms throughout the past two weeks.

“Some children we think threw a bunch of sand and gravel from our volleyball area into the sinks, the toilets, they flushed down a lot of the paper towel and toilet paper,” said Nate Heffron, Negaunee City Manager. “There was sand in every crevasse you can possibly find in that restroom.”

After these incidents, the city wanted to take measures on the issue.

“We did this first by letting the public know what happened here,” said Heffron. “A lot of people are very interested in this situation. So, we’re very grateful that the public will be keeping an eye out on people that are down here to make sure that this vandalism can end. And this has happened three times now.”

Up above me are two cameras that were recently installed. After word spread about the vandalism at the park, the cameras were donated to the city.

“We were going to install cameras next year because it wasn’t part of our expenditure plan,” said Heffron. “We did have a company reach out to us, Range Communications who we have already been working with to install cameras throughout the city and they decided to donate four cameras to us.”

Heffron says the restrooms cost well over one hundred thousand dollars and vandalism acts like this, is a very serious matter.

“And it takes a lot of money and effort,” said Heffron. “It’s just another thing we don’t want to take away from the public because of one person or a couple of people are ruining it for everyone else.”

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