More damage attributed to Escanaba power outage

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Last week’s power outage caused damage at Escanaba’s historic Sand Point Lighthouse.

The president of the Delta County Historical Society, Charles Lindquist, tells the Radio Results Network that when the power went out, it caused the heating system to fail inside the lighthouse.
Lindquist says that because the lighthouse is closed this time of year, no one went to the building for a few days. When they did, they noticed that the heat didn’t come back once when power was restored, and three of the radiators burst.

That caused water to spew onto the lighthouse floors.  But, Lindquist says it could have been worse.

Since the damage was noticed, they’ve used portable heaters – and the two radiators that still work – to heat the building and prevent further damage. Lindquist says that new radiators are on order from a company in New York, and they should be shipped to Escanaba in the coming days.
“The building is old, and you can’t go out and get just any radiator,” Lindquist said to RRN News. “I’ve never bought a radiator like this. Have you ever bought a radiator? I don’t know what they cost, but I know they are pricey!”
Lindquist says they’re not sure yet how much damage was done to the floors of the building, and he doesn’t know how much the overall repairs will cost.

The Sand Point Lighthouse first opened in 1868 and is on the National Register of Historical Places. 

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