More snow causes headache for commuters

More snow causes headache for commuters_-5897926336668349537

It may be mid March but motorists are battling another snow storm that’s likely to dump more than a few inches of snow in our area…adding more to the mounds that have already piled up on streets and parking lots.

Operations Manager for the Brown County Highway Department, Bob Bousley said,” “When there’s too much snow we have to do a snow removal operation.”

So where does all that snow go?

 “What works best is a vacant parking lot that has access to a storm sewer or a big field that’s away from the streams and rivers,” Bousley said.

As of 6:00 p.m. Monday, the Brown County Sheriff’s Department had responded to more than two dozen accidents since 2:15 p.m. and were anticipating more.

They’re warning motorists to slow down.

On days when the snow is coming down faster than the trucks can plow, emergency responders urge drivers to slow down.  If you do get into an accident don’t get out of your car.

Captain Randy Schultz with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department urges– “Stay in your car because you’re much better off with your seat belt on if you get hurt again then out on foot.”

Another incentive to slow down–if you crash into the median–you have to pay for the damages.

 “The County Highway folks will request crash reports from local law enforcement and bill those who caused the damage,” said Captain Schultz.

Because of the poor road conditions, extra officers will be patrolling Monday night.

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