Munising community benefits from Alger County Jail Addition


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MUNISING — A big part in the development of the quaint town of Munising lies in keeping it a safe place to live.

Since the Alger County Jail put in an addition, they’ve been able to upgrade their facility in more ways than one.

Effective October 1, 2016, the new facility has 22 additional beds, a new security system, and a secure area to safely transport inmates and offenders.

Todd Brock, Alger County Sheriff, explains, “We were able to upgrade our facility, able to increase public safety, increase the safety of the offender or the inmate coming in, and we were able to do that without going to our tax payers for any additional revenue or millage monies. It was all predicated on the contract, the 20 year contract, with Luce County.”

The Sheriff says one of the biggest assets that came with the addition, is that they are better able to provide for mental health or max security inmates.

The upgrade in security not only protects officers and offenders, but also protects the community: offenders are never outside a secure area, and that leaves little to no chance of escape.

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