For Thursday’s ‘Munising Matters’ Local 3’s James Fillmore focused on one of the towns surrounding Munising that has also beome a tourist attraction.

Au Train is a Chippewa word meaning where the river meets the lake. The area will forever be linked to Munising, because the original Alger County Courthouse used to be near the corner of M-28 in Au Train. That was before it burned down in the late 1800’s. Thats when Munising became the new county seat.

Au Train Township Supervisor Michelle Doucette says that history is still there.

“That whole block is called the courthouse block. So, the county courthouse and the jail was actually on that block of property,” she said.

Logging and fishing were some of the early industries in Au Train, but some people made money by picking blueberries said Doucette.

“They would sell them for a dollar and a half a quart to Detroit and Chicago businesses,” she said.

A DNR trail for ATV and snowmobile riders goes right through Au Train, and a DNR Trust Fund grant was awarded to the township a few years ago. That grant helped build a historical information center, which is full of historical photos. In addition to that, nearby, a handicap accessible kayak launch was installed.

In addition to Lake Superior, there are other bodies of water in the township like the Au Train river and Au Train Lake. There are also waterfalls in the area, one of them named, you guessed it, Au Train Falls.