Munising welcomes new tourist attraction in Pictured Rocks Interpretive Center


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MUNISING – A new interpretive center is coming to the community.

The city of Munising is welcoming its brand-new Pictured Rocks Interpretive Center. Home to the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore and over 2,000 residents, the city of Munising prides itself on tourism. So when it came down to expanding on that idea, what better way than to expand on a pre-existing attraction.
“We wanted to kind of make it a part of the business, enhance our business and enhance the community with some type of unique product,” says John Madigan, Manager of Pictured Rocks Cruises. “We feel the interpretation of the area, the history and industry, and Pictured Rocks would be very unique and well received. That’s why we did it.”
Located in the old city hall building, reconstruction and design of the center was a project in itself. Funding was made possible through a Michigan Economic Development  block grant.
“We were successful with the grant the city had applied for along with the partnership with the cruises,” said Kathy Reynolds, Executive Director of the Alger County Chamber and Munising Downtown Development Authority. “We got a $439,000 grant to help with this million dollar project that ‘s here at the Pictured Rocks Interpretive Center.”
The new interpretive center is only a stone’s throw away from Pictured Rocks Cruises, but what’s inside are a few surprises.
“It’s not only about Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore but it also brings in Native American history, the logging industry, the paper mill, the banking industry, commercial fishing; all the things that make up the history of Munising and what surrounds us here,” says Reynolds. “It gives us the opportunity to tell the whole story about the area.”
Tourists may have been in mind for this project, but so too was another group.
Reynolds said, “This is something that we have to remember, first and foremost, is for the community and for Munising in the area.”

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