Narwhal, puppy with tail growing out of his head, finds forever home with founder of animal rescue that found him


CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (WTNH) — The Unicorn puppy that took the internet by storm only a few weeks ago for his unique facial features has been adopted.

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Mac’s Mission, a special needs dog rescue in Missouri, found “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn” (as they later dubbed the unique pup) abandoned in early November.

The puppy immediately lit up the internet with his adorable face and the tail growing out of his forehead.

Narwhal the puppy – November 8, 2019 – Courtesy: Mac the Pittbull via Facebook

After taking Narwhal to the vet, rescue workers reported on the Mac the Pitbull Facebook page that though the tail cannot wag, it also does not seem to be bothering the otherwise perfectly healthy puppy.

For the last few weeks, the @MacthePitbull social media pages and website have been bombarded with potential puppy parents asking how they could make this one-of-a-kind cutie part of their family.

Rescue workers and Narwhal’s foster mom – the founder of Mac’s Mission – have posted almost every day of the puppy’s goings-on and doings, calling the posts “UNICORN THINGS.”

In one post from November 30th, the rescue wrote an update about Narwhal’s shots, saying, “Guess who got his second set of big boy shots? This magical boy took shots like a champ!” and posting several adorable sleeping puppy pics.

In another post from November 27th, Mac the Pitbull posted pictures of the puppy meeting one of the rescue’s recently-placed rescues, Dash, the miniature horse.

But, just before Thanksgiving, Mac the Pitbull shared a “Big announcement” on Facebook: “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! … we are keeping the unicorn.”

From the point of view of one of her pitbulls, Mac, the founder of Mac’s Mission said that she – and her four other rescue dogs – could not let the puppy go because they had all fallen in love with him.

She also said that with the puppy’s unique feature, he will be the new face of the organization, “to help save special needs dogs with our typical flair of positive awesome and love.”

Mac’s Mission’s founder also announced that the Unicorn puppy will be trained as a therapy dog to “help soooo many special needs kids with visits to hospitals and schools.”

You can follow Narwhal’s journey on Mac’s Mission website or their Facebook page.

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