Effort to recall Wisconsin governor falls short

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(WFRV) – An effort to recall Wisconsin’s governor has fallen short.

Misty Poleeczynki, Lead Administrator of Recall Ever, posted in the private Facebook group Monday, saying:

It is with a heavy heart we announce that after proofing and what came in over the weekend we have fallen short. We do not have enough signatures to turn in. This has been a movement like no other. We have faced countless obstacles and worked together to overcome them. I cant thank everyone who has given their time and energy to this enough. I hope that you can all be proud of what we did accomplish,  the way we have come together,  and the people we have met.80k people with different beliefs, put aside their differences and came together to save our state. Thats something!

In early September, WFRV Local 5 brought you the story about the effort to recall Democrat Governor Tony Evers. The effort began in response to his handling of the coronavirus and response to civil unrest throughout the state.

Election officials told WFRV Local 5 at the time that nearly 669,000 signatures would be needed to initiate a recall election.

WFRV Local 5 spoke with organizers on Friday about the effort to recall Gov. Evers after he released a political ad asking residents to ‘decline to sign’.

“It’s kind of flattering in the sense that now he’s suddenly starting to pay attention,” Recall Evers organizer, Jeremy Pease told WFRV Local 5. “I feel like he was paying attention from the get-go. He just wasn’t telling us that he was paying attention.”

Monday’s Facebook post from Poleeczynki continues, saying:

When I started this I had no idea so many people would be standing with me. It has been a long journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank everyone for all you have done. We set out with a goal and despite not reaching our goal, our voices have certainly been heard. We have let our officials know that we will always come together to do what is right even when they don’t, even when they are all against us. I hope we can all stand tall. I hope this effort is never forgotten. You have all been amazing and I will never forget it! We will be finalizing campaign finance statements and all of the donations we did not need will be returned over the next week, we cannot and would not keep those. No signatures will be turned in, leaving the ability for a recall to be filed again. And keeping the information from becoming public record. All remaining petitions will still be collected and destroyed to keep them from falling in the wrong hands.Regardless, we have sent a powerful message. A message that won’t be forgotten. We are not silent anymore! We have also let people know how important their vote is! Get out on the 3rd and vote! Wisconsin strong!I encourage all to join Jonathan’s campaign and help build him up for the next election, if there is not another recall attempt. We deserve a governor thats not a snake.###Trump2020###VoteRed

Gov. Evers has yet to respond to these latest developments.

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