National Weather Service Marquette records 198 consecutive days of temperatures below 60 degrees


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MARQUETTE COUNTY– Today is the 198th consecutive day that the National Weather Service of Marquette has recorded temperatures below 60 degrees. That streak began October 3rd.

“It’s not terribly common,” said Jaclyn Ritzman, Meteorologist, National Weather Service Marquette. “Sometimes we see warm ups throughout the winter occasionaly. That doesn’t always happen. Obviously we’ve have a very harsh winter this year so I think we’re all welcoming the 60 degree temperatures at this point.”

Prior to this year, the longest running stretch of below 60 degrees was 196 days in 1970. Ritzman says that warmer days are almost here and the consecutive streak may be over tomorrow.

“We’re getting to that time of year where the sun’s getting higher, sun angles increasing,” said Ritzman. “We’re starting to see the days get longer. As we continue to progress into the spring and then summer we are eventually going to get back into those warmer temperatures. And tomorrow, we do have the potential to reach that 60 degree mark.”

Because warmer days are ahead, the snow is melting and if you’re going to be outdoors this weekend, keep rising water in mind.

“So just keep in mind if you’re around rivers, streams and creeks that flows are elevated and the river levels are elevated as well,” said Ritman. “So you want to make sure you maintain situational awareness and make sure you don’t find yourself around those rivers that are starting to rise due to the snowmelt.”

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