OMAHA, Neb. (WJW) — On a recent visit to Omaha, Nebraska, one pop star made a server’s day, night and semester.

Jason Derulo reportedly left a $5,000 tip at Charleston’s Restaurant, with server Jordan Schaffer taking to TikTok Tuesday thanking him for his generosity.

“Hey Jason, thank you, you just paid for a semester of my college. I can’t say thank you enough,” Schaffer said in the post. “I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Omaha, and I hope you see us again. Thank you so much.”

Showing off the receipt in the video, Schaffer pointed out the tip was on top of a bill for $795.

The 33 year-old “Want to Want Me” singer even later commented on the post thanking Schaffer “for taking such great care of our fam. Keep spreading the love bro.”

Derulo has recently invested in a professional women’s volleyball franchise in Nebraska, TMZ reported, which is why he’s been spending more time in the state.

The server tip video has since gotten more than 28,000 likes as of Saturday. You can watch it in full right here.