HANCOCK, MICH (WJMN) — Police are investigating the recent spray-painting of Nazi symbols on a synagogue in Hancock.

Graffiti that included Nazi symbols were found spray-painted on Temple Jacob.

The vandalism was noticed on the same day as the annual Parade of Nations, a communitywide event that includes a parade and a multicultural festival.

” With all the folks that I have spoken too, yesterday and today since, people are really concerned, a lot of the congregants here have expressed serious concern and fear, ” says David Holden, president of Temple Jacob.

Holden tells me seeing the graffiti was disappointing, but he was encouraged by the level of community support afterward.

” I think one of the things that is coming out of this is a closeness, an increased closeness within the community, especially between us and the police department and the response of the community has been incredible, ” continues Holden.

Holden says four different groups came by Saturday afternoon to help them clean the symbols off.

” My husband was extremely angry that there would be someone that could do such a thing and immediately we got paint and said let’s just drive and see how we can help, ” says Marie Clevelend, a Hancock resident.

It is still unclear how many people were involved in the vandalism.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hancock Police Department.