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Wounds that won’t heal can quickly turn into a big problem. Now a new treatment that doctors sprinkle on is helping heal wounds for good.

Dr. Tracey Stokes, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, says, “I underwent bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.” 

Dr. Stokes made the decision after she and her mother tested positive for the gene that causes breast cancer. Unfortunately, she developed a wound on her left breast that would not heal.

Dr. Laura Sudarsky, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Wound Care Specialist, Esse Plastic Surgery, says, “I think in today’s day and age wound care and wound care problems have almost become an epidemic.” 

Dr. Stokes didn’t have to go far for help. Her partner Dr. Laura Sudarsky was using a new product on her patients. Xcellistem Wound Powder by Stemsys is a FDA approved biological agent that acts like a magnet.

Dr. Sudarsky explains, “You put the powder on a wound and it will introduce stem cells into the wound and allow the wound to heal.” 

The powder is applied in the doctor’s office and the dressing is changed every two to three days. 

Dr. Sudarsky continues, “It’s very interesting because you watch the cells enter into the field and start healing.” 

Xcellistem saved one diabetic patient’s foot from amputation. 

Dr. Sudarsky adds, “We’ve been able to use it under a skin graft or instead of a skin graft to promote wound healing.” 

Dr. Stokes couldn’t believe how quickly it worked for her.

Dr. Stokes says, “Within a matter of two to four weeks everything was completely healed.” 

Saving her from having more surgery, so she could go back to doing what she really loves. 

Dr. Stokes adds, “I’m back in the operating room working, playing with my kids.”  

Xcellistem uses your body’s own stem cells to accelerate healing. Right now the wound powder is only approved for use in doctor’s offices and in the operating room.