BROWN COUNTY, Wis, (WFRV) A Brown County Board committee is considering a ticket surcharge for the three county-owned facilities within the Stadium District. It’s still in the discussion stage, but Supervisor Bernie Erickson says the proposal seems to have support.

Every year some 400,000 tickets are sold for events in the Resch Center, Brown County Arena and Shopko Hall. Yet County Supervisor Bernie Erickson says unlike similar facilities nationwide, here buyers pay no surcharge.

“We are probably one of the only ones in the nation that doesn’t – at this time,” said Sup. Erickson.

And that is something Erickson wants changed. He, along with another supervisor, have proposed adding a ticket surcharge to help fund maintenance in the three county-owned facilities.

“Could be a flat fee on tickets purchased or escalating fee depending on the price of the tickets,” said Erickson. “This would go to a segregated fund strictly for maintenance.”

Erickson says the motivation here is aging facilities. The arena is 57 years old, Shopko Hall 29 years and the Resch Center 13 years old. He says the County just invested a million dollars in a scoreboard for the Resch and a stream of revenue is needed to fund other issues, while keeping the cost off the tax roll.

“If you don’t keep it up – it’s just like your home. Once it gets away on you the cost of repairs and and upkeep are enormous,” said Erickson.

People we talked with Monday seemed to support the idea.

“If an extra dollar, 50 cents,  helps towards that I for sure want to do that,” said Josh Burzinski.

“If they were going to make renovations and add on seating or something – I wouldn’t mind paying the extra fee on it,” said Tristan Davis.

How much the fee would be is something supervisors are still working on. Erickson supports a sliding scale based on ticket price.

The proposal still hasn’t made its way to the full County Board. Erickson would like to see a plan in place by October 1, 2015.