BROWN COUNTY, Wis (WFRV) A project aimed at raising the profile of Austin Straubel Airport to international travelers is nearly complete. It’s a multi-million dollar project aimed at making Green Bay’s airport more efficient – while preparing it for expansion, should that day come.

At Austin Straubel Airport – the new International Arrivals Facility is still a work in progress. Yet Brown County Supervisor Bernie Erickson says he can see what the future holds.

“It’s going to help Northeast Wisconsin with customs,” said Erickson. “This is what we’ve been looking for – for quite a few years.”

Last fall work got underway on this stand-alone facility to process international arrivals. It is a major upgrade for the airports existing operations – fully approved by U.S Customs.

The airport already brings in 400 international flights a year with private and corporate planes. But with the new building they’ll be increasing their capacity and hopefully one day bring in large charter airliners.

“There is a lot of interest by carriers to offer charters seasonally out of Austin Straubel,” said Tom Miller, the airport’s director.

Miller says Austin Straubel is just one of two airports in the state with international port of entry status. The airport director says that makes his facility very marketable and international carriers are out there.

“About 24 charters on a seasonal basis through fall, winter and spring,” Miller said.

But with U.S. Customs unable to provide the staff needed to process large planes the airport took the next step – creating a facility to handle additional smaller aircraft – with an eye on expansion one day.

“This is the first of many steps to try and expand the international capability of this facility,” Miller said.

The new arrivals facility should be finished by the end of July. Cost of the project is $4.3 million.