With the increasing cost of a 4-year degree, more students, and their parents, are interested in the trades. A Marquette man is helping to make that even more appealing.

A ribbon cutting today marked the official opening of Swick Media Services Thursday. Owner Tom Swick is well-known for his plumbing and heating business. But, with the sale of Swick Home Services, Tom found a niche in creating commercials for similar businesses across the country.

Swick said, “We’ve kinda decided we’re gonna get ‘Bubba the Butt Crack’ plumber kinda out of the industry and let people know what a great industry it is and a great trade to be in. It makes you feel good at the end of the day when you can accomplish a lot and look back and see it.”

Swick Media Services creates commercials for plumbing, heating, and cooling businesses. They also make recruitment videos to spark interest in the career technical education field.