NMU and law enforcement team up for school shooting safety


MARQUETTE — It’s something we should never have to think about, but shootings at schools are a very real possibility.

With Northern Michigan University starting in a few short days, we found out how faculty and police work together to keep the community safe.

It’s a proactive approach. If a gunman were to target NMU, there is a plan in place. But they aren’t sharing just how they’d do it.

Derek Hall, NMU faculty saying, “We have plans and we don’t share them with the general public for safety concerns.”

What they can share, is information.

“The most important thing is the immediate alert, our emergency alert system kicks in. Everyone receives a text, email, phone call, and all those types of things.”

Hall says keeping the school and his students safe is his main concern.

Derek Hall, NMU faculty saying, ” As a public university, safety for our students, faculty, and staff is critical. that is an obligation that we have and we take that very seriously.”

Marquette County Sheriff’s Deputies also works closely with schools around the area.

They teach faculty-specific drills on what to do if they ever came in contact with an active shooter.

Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sherriff says. ” There’s mainly 3 things, Lockout, where we limit the access coming in and going out. There’s Take out, and that’s basically when the gunman is there and you’re just a target. We’re telling people to go and fight this guy. It’s better than just sitting still and getting shot. Go after him and do whatever you can. And the third thing is Get out. And that’s where you get out of the situation. Get out of the school. If it’s inside the school just evacuate.”

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