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MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University had an early graduation ceremony for a department tonight.

The NMU Electrical Line Technician class of 2019 graduation ceremony was held at The Peif.
The Electrical Line Technician (ELT) Program is a partnership between Northern Michigan University, the Midwest Skills Development Center, and the Lake Superior Community Partnership Foundation.

The Electrical Line Technician graduate class celebrated the end of their academic careers and the beginning of their future. Friends and family came out to show support to those who were apart of this graduating class.

“Constent learning and adaptation. This is a field where, yes our apprenticeship might be just four years in length, but I don’t think you ever stop learning in this trade,” said Tyler Rhoades, Class of 2019.

Many of the graduates have already set up jobs for post-collegiate carrers.

The Program prepares students to install, maintain, and operate electrical systems to supply electric energy to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The program started in 2003 and has graduated more than 480 students.