NMU students headed to Puerto Rico to help those in need


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Many college students look forward to spring break, but some won’t be on a beach with a drink. They’ll be working to help people who are less fortunate.

A group of Northern Michigan University students is packing their bags and heading to Puerto Rico to help those in need.

” These trips are amazing opportunities for students because they get to explore a new culture, learn how important volunteering is, meet lots of students at NMU, people they wouldn’t have known otherwise, and just get to have fun, ” says Hannah Lewis, NMU faculty.

Most of the student’s volunteer projects will focus on environmental sustainability like planting trees and conserving protected land.

They will also work on cleaning up Puerto Rico after hurricanes and earthquakes.

” I think it’s just a major show of solidarity, that we care, that someone else cares what’s happening in their lives. Hopefully, we can do something positive there, but more than that I think it’s just showing that others notice and know that they are going through a hard time right now, ” continues Lewis.

One student is looking forward to the experience.

” I would like to go to Puerto Rico because I’ve never really been out of the country, especially in a tropical area so I think that would be super cool. And I’ve never been on a mission trip, volunteering kinda vacation like that with a lot of people from the school, so I’m looking for a new experience for myself, ” says Katie O’Shea, an NMU student.

Meanwhile, Michigan Tech will be partnering with NetWork Volunteers and Long Way Home to send students to Houston, TX and Comalapa, Guatemala over Spring Break.

Those students will help with urban restoration in Texas and build a sustainable structure in Guatemala.

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