ONEIDA (WFRV) The Oneida Nation celebrated four war veterans, posthumously. They served with honor in a very unique way. The Star Spangled Banner sung in Oneida was an appropriate tribute for the veterans, even though it was out of line in tribal life in the World War Two era.

“My mom used to be punished, She would actually be beaten to stop speaking her language,” recall ed Cletus Ninham, an Oneida veteran.

So it was equally surprising to Cletus Ninham, that his uncle, Llyod Schuyler was one of four Oneida war veterans who served as “Code Talkers”. They relayed key military information via radio in the Oneida language.

“They had to make up words to say tank and airplane. So they used the word turtle for tank and I don’t know the language. So I can’t tell you the exact words,” Ninham said.

Ninham and relatives of , Rupert Adams, Hudson Doxtator and Rimton Doxtator say none of them knew the men were “Code Talkers”. In fact, they were all told their mission was top secret, never to be revealed. And some kept quiet for 50-plus years. In 2013, they were finally recognizes by Congress for their efforts. Today the Oneida vets were honored for their services.”

“Many battles in the war may have been lost without the support of the Code Talkers, whose code has never been broken,” said John A. Scocos, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Local 5’s Terry Kovarik has the story.