MARQUETTE COUNTY Mich. (WJMN) – The Lake Superior Community Partnership (LSCP) will host the Marquette County Housing Solutions Summit on December 8 & 9 as a way to share information and examine housing solutions in Marquette County.

We spoke with LSCP CEO Sarah Lucas on Tuesday about what speakers from Marquette County and throughout Michigan will share updates on.

“We’re kicking it off with a discussion about what are Marquette County’s specific housing needs. Then we’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon on Wednesday talking about what local tools are available to address those needs. Things like a Land Bank authority, Zoning changes, tax incentives, other local government actions that might be able to offset development costs or encourage more housing development,” said Lucas.

Then pm Wednesday a panel of local governments from across Marquette County will discuss what they have been doing and considering to encourage more housing choices in their communities.

Thursday will involve a discussion on statewide housing policy opportunities.

“There’s a lot happening right now, a lot of discussions about how to spend federal dollars and how we might be able to apply those to housing. So there are a few different proposals out there for those stimulus funds and where to allocate them around housing. We’ll be talking about that opportunity as well as there’s other policy proposals to provide more local government tools to address housing,” added lucas.

Following the presentations, the event will conclude with an open discussion about what was learned and some potential next steps.

“We are finding that housing is one of the biggest factors limiting economic development. It’s really impacting the ability of businesses to grow and in some cases even sustain operations, because of the ability to find the right or adequate amount of workers. Part of that is it’s difficult for people to find a place to live that they can afford or is even available at this point,” said Lucas.