Operation Safe Driver week


MARQUETTE COUNTY — “Operation Safe Driver” is in effect through this Saturday to reduce the number of deaths and injuries involving large trucks, buses, and cars.

It’s an annual one-week enforcement and educational program by the Commerical Vehicle Safety Alliance with a focus on unsafe driver behaviors.

Police will be on the lookout for commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in dangerous driver behaviors.

They are using the message, “Late won’t kill you, speeding will.”

For more than two decades, speeding has been involved in about a third of all motor vehicle fatalities.

In 2017, speeding was a contributing factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities, according to NHTSA. That’s 9,717 lives lost due to speeding.

In addition to the emphasis on speeding, law enforcement will be tracking other dangerous driver behaviors throughout “Operation Safe Driver Week.”

That includes distracted driving, texting, seatbelt usage, tailgating and more.

Drivers engaging in unsafe driving behaviors will be pulled over, and may be issued a warning and/or a citation.

A 2014 study found that the “Click It or Ticket” campaign decreased motor vehicle crashes by roughly 11 percent.

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