Overcoming Pain: an introduction

The first of a new monthly health series, Overcoming Pain, began with an introduction to Dr. John Birgiolas, with Spine Pain Diagnostics Association.

Dr. Birgiolas elaborates on what they do and their specialities. “We’re essentially a practice that has been established for at least 25 years, and we’re a clinic that’s completely dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of many different types of pain disorders.”

When asked what people see him for, he replied, “It really could be anything. For the most part, we usually see older patients with arthritis, it could be younger patients with discernations, patients with headaches, abdominal pain, joint pain, so really it’s a wide breath of different conditions we see.”

Local 3 News asked Dr. Birgiolas to explain what Interventional Pain Management is. “It’s essentially a term for the sub-specialty where we’re specifically trained in, and so we’re trained in order to, one, evaluate patients specifically; two diagnose exactly what’s causing there pain; and three, create a tailored treatment program specifically for that one patient.”

There are many different kinds of pain, ranging from acute pain, chronic pain, pain from accidents and more. “We’re talking about all those things,” said Dr. Birgiolas. “We certainly see patients who are in acute pain. For the most part, it’s patients who are suffering from chronic pain over months to years, but regardless we’ll see you even if the pain is more recent.”

For patients looking to go to Spine Pain Diagnostics Association, he said, “What’s nice about our clinic is that, for the most part, you usually do not need a referral. And, so, even if you’re having this pain, you can just call the clinic and we can get you in for an evaluation.”

Dr. Birgiolas says there are a variety of treatment options, too. “Every patient is treated differently, and so therapy may include either injections, interventional techniques,” explained Dr. Birgiolas. “Sometimes we may have to refer them to another sub specialist, like a neurosurgeon – their therapy could also include seeing a chiropractor, getting into some physical therapy and of course medication management. So there’s many different approaches.”

Overcoming Pain will air the last Thursday of each month. To submit questions for a future segment, simply send an email through our website, www.upmatters.com by going to the Spine Pain Diagnostics Associates button.

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