Packers’ Kenny Clark hosts elementary students at NEW Zoo & Adventure Park


SUAMICO, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Packer Defensive Tackle Kenny Clark hosted Howe Elementary school students today at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park for a day of learning and fun.

Throughout the morning, third grade students took part in multiple educational and physical activities that focused on balance, concentration, teamwork and effective communication. At the adventure park, students were able to use slack lines (an opportunity to work on balance and concentration), group juggle (promoting working together as a team), and the minefield (stresses the importance of effective communication).

“A lot of kids don’t really get the opportunity all the time,” said Clark. “Just for them instead of seeing us on TV and playing with the helmet on, they get to see us off the field and get the experience of what’s going on off the field, too.”

Students also took part in a 30 minute zoo class with Clark, experiencing some of the Zoo’s animals up close. The edZOOcational experience taught students about animal adaptations, discussing some of the interesting ways that animals are able to survive in their environments. Students were also able to see and touch some of the animals.

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