At the annual Kaufman Awards ceremony last night, the Marquette Area Public Schools presented Peter and Audrey Kaufman with the district’s first ever “Lifetime of Giving” award. 
Going back to the 1980’s, Peter and Audrey Kaufman resurrected the endowment for which so many students have benefited today. They sold the family coin collection to make sure there was enough money in the endowment to continue giving out scholarships and Lyceum programming.
Over the past few decades, millions have been given in scholarships supporting the academic achievement of thousands of Marquette students. This has been the ultimate incentive for MAPS students to try their best, get good grades, and seek additional schooling or training beyond high school.
However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For years the Kaufman Foundation has supported the need to keep Marquette schools safe by splitting costs with the city to ensure there is always a school liaison/safety officer. They have funded textbook purchases, paid for school field trips and busing, funded teacher supplies and requests, made technology purchases, and paid for needed auditorium upgrades.  
In recent years, Peter and Audrey have helped organize fundraising efforts, and along with many other donors, made substantial contributions for the rebuilding of the Graveraet courtyard and Kaufman Auditorium bathrooms. This summer,  another project will come to fruition that further changes the landscape of this remarkable building. The Kaufman Foundation has donated $100,000 for a complete remodel of the Graveraet cafeteria, making this not only a fun and exciting space for students to eat but also a community gathering space for all to enjoy.
They started a “Coats for Kids” program to ensure that all MAPS children have the proper attire to brave Marquette’s cold winters. MAPS graduating seniors will also benefit from the Kaufman’s sizable donation to ensure their fun and safety for the Project Graduation Lock-in.
Peter and Audrey received one of the longest and loudest standing ovations from a crowed auditorium packed with parents, friends and admirers.