Petitions against Algoma police department’s future contract

Algoma, Wis. (WFRV) – More than 100 hundred people have petitioned against the potential new contract that would transfer the management of Algoma Police Department’s administrative tasks to the Kewaunee Sheriff’s Department.

Neil Dorner, a former officer for the city, started the petition on about a month ago. He says on the site: “The tax payers of Algoma (myself included) will lose police services and see increased police response times if the City signs a contract with the County Sheriffs Office.”

Mayor Wayne Schmidt says that they response times will not be affected by the merger.

“The county would strictly be doing management,” Schmidt says. “The police department would not loose its identity. We will still have our own budget. We would still have our own squad cars, still our own four officers… All they will do is manage our department.”

The contract is a one-year trial period that would shift managerial duties to the sheriff’s office.  Schmidt says the transferring of tasks could save the city up to $100,000. And if the program doesn’t work out, he’d be the first to reassess the contract.

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