Pine Ridge residents move back into apartment building


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN)– About 20 people moved back to Pine Ridge Apartments last night and dozens more moved back today after the July, 30 fire.

“They are so excited,” said Sharon Maki, Executive Director, Marquette Housing Commission. “We are all so excited. It’s a very, very good day for all of us and people are so happy to be home and their animals are so happy to have them back.”

Between when the fire on July 30, which forced residents out of the apartment building until now, contractors have been working on the building and staff has been cleaning water and soot left from the fire.

All residents need to do now is sign a new lease before returning to their home.

“Basically, the building is back under the same structure it was before,” said Maki. “You come and go, it’s your apartment. It’s your building, you can come and go as you choose at this point.”

Residents living on floors one through eight able to move back into their rooms. Work on the ninth floor still needs to be done.

“There’s six apartments on the ninth floor that suffered some significant water damage and those apartments have been taken off line basically,” said Maki. “Those are going to be totally rehabbed. It’ll probably take three to five months to rehab those. The tenants that were living in those apartments are relocated throughout the building.”

In an effort to help with the move Marq-Tran is transporting residents who had to stay in hotels and public housing units in the county and all residents received a gift card to restock on groceries.

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