‘Plastic Free Keweenaw’ challenges people to go plastic free


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HOUGHTON — ‘Plastic Free Keweenaw’ is challenging community members to go 21 days plastic free.

The idea is that it typically takes 21 days to form a habit. Each day the group posts a new challenge such as:

  • Replace 5 plastic products you use with an alternative (like glass)
  • Bring your own fork or spoon for meals rather than use plastic utensils
  • Do not purchase products with microbeads or microplastics
  • Reuse plastic items before recycling them
  • Try buying in bulk
  • Any many more!

“Lake Superior is, of course, very important to all of us but we’re finding lots of microplastics. So, not necessarily big styrofoam coolers but we’re seeing lots of little bits of plastic show up in our fish, which is showing up in our water, in our food; but also worldwide plastic waste is an issue,” says Will Lytle, PhD student studying Environmental and Energy Policy at Michigan Tech. Lytle is also a Hancock City Council member.

While reducing use of plastic is a great way to help protect the Earth, it’s not the entire solution to the growing plastic waste issue.

“We would like to move more towards a circular bioeconomy. So products that are made out of renewable resources and then they’re not thrown away. They’re either used for energy or repurposed.”

Over 260 people are currently participating in the challenge. The Plastic Free Keweenaw group is open to the community and always welcomes new members. You can find them on Facebook at ‘Plastic Free Keweenaw’.

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