POWERS, Mich. (WJMN) – The 2021 high school football season will be headlined by the North Central Jets. No matter the opponent, the Jets are a must-see for football fans.

The star of the show is Junior quarterback, Luke Gorzinski. He helped lead the Jets to a state championship last season while making the All-State First Team and the All-U.P. Dream Team as a sophomore. His leadership and playmaking abilities have the Jets primed for yet another state title run.

“It’s just an awesome feeling to know you’re at the top of the world there and you’re trying to get there again,” said L. Gorzinski.

“With him on the field, they all believe they can get it done,” said Leo Gorzinski, the head coach for the Jets. “There is never a down and distance that is too far. There is not a play that we’re not going to make. You know, he just brings that attitude. He plays with class and the guys, they really like that it keeps everyone in check.”

Just two games into the season Gorzinski is looking almost unstoppable. Just last week against Norway he ran 10 times for 147 yards with three scores and hit 7-of-11 passes for 132 and two more TD’s.

Gorzinki’s biggest fan can not be found in the stands, rather the sidelines. Luke’s father, Leo Gorzinski, is the head coach for the Jets. Football acts as a bonding experience for the father and son, but it’s not always easy.

“That’s the hardest thing out of this whole thing to do is to coach my own son. You know, for anyone that watched the game tonight, just let go of the ball or run it. Don’t sit back there and take those extra hits. But, he wants to battle and he wants to compete.”

“I’ve played my entire career for my dad,” said Gorzinski. “All the way up to when I was a little tyke playing Pop Warner until now. We share a brain, I know all the plays he’s going to call before he says them. It’s an awesome connection we have.”

For the Gorzinski family, football is everything.

“Every dinner that’s what we talk about. I think I play football for rent at my house, but it’s a pleasure to have it. It’s a privilege not many kids get to have to share that kind of bonding time with their father and it’s great.”

“As a dad and as a coach, you can’t ask for a better person or a better player. I’m fortunate to watch him grow up and become that man that he’s become and not just as a football player. The way he has his poise and the way he leads the guys all I can say is I’m very proud.”

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