Police investigate anti-Semitic graffiti on Marquette trail


MARQUETTE– Anti-Semitic graffiti can be found on some of the workout equipment and signs throughout the Fit Strip loop in Marquette. Marquette City Police says the complaint was filed last month.

“We do what we can to investigate it,” said Det. Mike Archocosky, Marquette City Police Department. “If there is a lead, we follow up on it. If we have a suspect in mind, we’ll approach that person. We are still actively investigating this case. It is open and we have not made any arrests on it yet.”

Committing this crime falls under the destruction of property statutes in Michigan.

“That can be a 93-day misdemeanor, it can be a 10-year felony depending on how much property, what the value is when it gets destroyed and what it is that gets destroyed,” said Det. Archocosky. “If somebody is thinking about doing graffiti, they should keep in mind that we have cameras in the city. This is 2019 now and there are cameras everywhere which will come into play with some of these other graffiti instances.”

In an effort to decrease graffiti and raise awareness about the issue, The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee is in the works of forming a graffiti task force.

“To provide education about what can be done about it and how we as just part of the public can help,” said Jill LaMere, President, The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee. “We would like to create a small clean-up.”

This task force is building an alliance with agencies like local law enforcement, the Marquette DDA and the Community Foundation of Marquette County.

“Really would like to have people be aware that there are things that you can do as just a part of the public,” said LaMere. “If you see something new or something eye-catching, you can call the police department directly. If you see it happening, at the time you’re advised not to approach that subject but rather to call 911 and get as much description as you can.”

The graffiti task force plans on holding public meetings in the future to receive community input.

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