Portage Health Foundation launches series to address addiction in the Copper Country


HOUGHTON COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – The Portage Health Foundation has recently launched a web series to address addiction in the Copper Country.

“In our Spring 2019 update to the community on out UPSET West Drug Enforcement Team,” said Kevin Store, Executive Director, Portage Health Foundation. “We had talked with about 100 or so community members across all sectors. Business leaders, industry agency leaders, whatnot and we asked, ‘How many of you know someone here that is struggling with addiction?’ Either indirectly or directly and almost all of the hands went up.”

By using resources from around the area, the Portage Health Foundation hopes that this starts a conversation on how addiction impacts their local communities.

“We wanted to do something to try to address that and bring that conversation from more of a national concern,” said Store. “Everybody is aware that addiction is impacting our community. We were seeing a number of overdoses in the region and we wanted to localize that conversation and one of the ways that we were were able to do that was to bring some local subject matter experts, Dr. Adam Frimodig, Chief of Police John Donnelly, others from other parts of our service community to start having a conversation about addiction and how it’s impacting our community.”

Topics include how addiction impacts the brain, law enforcement’s role in intervention and resources available in the area. A new episode will be posted every Sunday on the Portage Health Foundation’s website, Facebook Page and YouTube.

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