UPDATED 6/17/2021 ESCANABA, Mich (WJMN) – The last time Local 3’s Haley Schoengart spoke with Katelyn Beaver she said she had two goals; to graduate high school and to open her own store. Well, diplomas were handed out last month and as of Monday, Katelyn was able to flip the sign to ‘open’ on her storefront in downtown Escanaba on Ludington Street.

“It’s a great feeling just seeing everything come together this past year and it has just been a really fun experience,” Katelyn Beaver said.

Beaver’s Lures has just open and Katelyn is already looking forward to adding new things here very soon.

“Right now you can find a variety of our hand-painted and molded lures,” Katelyn said. “We also have hoodies and we will be adding more and more outdoor gear for women and men as we go. On Thursday, we will be getting hand-crafted bows for hunting as well as custom knives.”

For the Beavers Lures website you can click here and for more information you can click here.

ESCANABA, Mich (WJMN) – For many high school seniors, the spring semester before graduation is often the time when students experience a peak of “senioritis” or as the Oxford Dictionary likes to describe it, “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Senioritis does not define one Escanaba teen.

Katelyn Beaver in an 18-year-old who is set to graduate from high school this spring. Along with graduating, Katleyn has another big goal she is set to accomplish within the month of May. Opening her own retail store.

With the new found extra down time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beaver began to think of ways she could pass the time while still keeping true to herself. With her passion for fishing combined with the extra time, Beaver’s Lures was born.

“I was just really bored and I didn’t have school, didn’t have work so I started making fishing lures and it has kinda just been taking off from there,” said Beaver. “I first started out just making them in my room, that wasn’t very fun. Then the lady that was renting this building moved out. My parents were using it for storage and then they were like “Why don’t we just let her make lures in there?” So I moved all of my stuff here and that is kinda where I am at now.”

From there, Beaver’s Lures business hasn’t looked back since. Even with her busy schedule, Beaver finds time to hand make and decorate each lure she sells. Thanks to her craftsmanship, the demand for her product is high. Her friends and family help, but Beaver says she often can not keep up with orders right away.

“For now the Blade Baits have been the most popular but for the spring I have already sold a lot of spoons.” said Beaver “So I make the trolling spoons, blade baits, I will be making Crawler Harnesses too. Inlines, spinners, hopefully soft plastics if Lucas can get that down, and then jigs, pan fish jigs, a lot of stuff.”

Beaver credits her grandfather for being the reason she loves fishing, but as far as the technical side of how to make lures, she is all self taught. Beaver’s Lures is beginning to test out new products to hit the market for the spring time such as soft plastics, but Beaver says she has an even bigger goal in mind.

“I want to make my own lure and get it patented. That’d be really cool so that is definitely my next goal” Beaver said.

Being young and a woman in a male-dominated field doesn’t intimidate Beaver, she thinks it actually works in her favor.

“I almost think that it helps being a woman in something that more men would do. There is just not a lot of women that would do it so I feel like you almost stand out a little more.”Beaver said.

And Beavers advice to catching fish like she does?

“You just got to get out there. You can’t catch them if you’re not out there” Beaver said.

Beaver says her goal is to have the Beaver’s Lure retail location open around May 1st, 2021 but until then all orders can be placed via Instagram or Facebook.

To visit the Beaver’s Lures Facebook page click here