MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – An annual event returns to downtown Marquette. Over 4 days and 50 hours, in the upstairs community room at Ore Dock Brewing Company, Geoff and Jon’s Pop-Up Record Show returns for its ninth year.

The event features roughly 10,000 records, plus cassettes, CD’s, posters, and t-shirts. Plus live music, cold drinks, and food trucks.

The event starts on Thursday, June 9 at noon and runs each day through Sunday from Noon to close at Ore Dock Brewing.

The Jon in Geoff and Jon is Jon Teichman. He is the co-owner of Emporium featuring Vintage vinyl on 317 W. Washington St. in Marquette.

Along with a love of the music itself, Teichman is a historian of musical knowledge. He shared with us some inside knowledge about a classic record. Hear his response in the video below.

Teichman says the Emporium is an outgrowth of those pop-up shows. He says it’s the best of both worlds.

“You get to share something that you’re really passionate about, that you love, and for people coming through the door, there really is something for everybody here. And everybody’s welcome,” said Teichman.

Rather than think about the exact number of records in his collection, we asked Teichman about his first albums.

“I bought a couple of different records up the road at Shopko. Tom Petty’s, Full Moon Fever, Depeche Mode, Violator, Billy Idol’s, Vital Idol. And these took my paper route money. I had a paper route here in town and rode up there on my 10 speed bike and, and bought those records and that was a really big deal. And it was also a time to where it was like it was really about cassettes and CDs were on the horizon. And so the shift in the format has been really interesting too, because I think at the core, it’s really about how do you get the music? I mean, I’m old enough to remember taping songs off the radio, which some people may remember, are a certain age. But things have really come full circle in the sense that that everything is available. And we really like to put that that physical media in people’s hands.”

Teichman said one of his favorite parts of the shows and his shop is letting people know if there’s something they are looking for that he can help find it.

“If someone says to me, I’m looking for the soundtrack to the Gene Wilder movie, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, we can find that, you know, or if someone is saying I’m looking for a new release by a new artist, we can find that as well. So there’s a there’s a whole community there’s a whole network of distributors out there that can really, you know, I think that’s what it’s all about is is helping people access the things that they are passionate about.

We asked Teichman about one of the most unique record requests he’s ever received. Watch his answer in the video below.

The Emporium is laid out with three rooms. The records are arranged alphabetically and by genre, making it easy to find a classic album or discover something new. Making recommendations is one of the perks of the job for Teichman.

“I always appreciate when I walk into a place and I can go through all the records and look for everything that might catch my fancy. We have everything from ABBA to Zappa. We have a lot of mid-century easy listening music like Bert Kaempfert, or Herb Alpert or Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra. So we have a lot of this sort of, I guess you’d call it maybe your grandparents music or your great grandparents music all the way up to current stuff. So it’s very much 90% of the music that we have in here are our gently used records that come from people’s collections from across the Upper Peninsula,” added Teichman.

For every musical taste, there is an album. Teichman shared one of his favorite moments in vinyl. Hear his answer in the video below.

The Emporium’s hours are weeknights from 6-9 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 5 p.m.