L’ANSE, Mich. (WJMN) – Friends may come and go throughout our lives, but best friends are a little harder to come by. Two artists featured at The Village Gift Store in L’Anse made the connection by working at the shared space shop.

Margaret (Peggy) Laitila is a craft show veteran for two decades. She started quilting around 1995. When the opportunity presented itself in 2017 to have a permanent location, Laitila took it.

“I’ve been with Payne about five years now. We started out with her in the other craft store. I’ve enjoyed working with her for these years. I come here and in 85, so it keeps me busy” said Laitila.

Laitila makes everything from quilts to aprons, sweatshirts, and neck warmers. To keep her spot at the store commission free, she only needs to work a few hours a month. She’s been doing that once a week with fellow artist Susan Rogala.

“Oh Susie, I just love her. We’re best friends,” said Laitila.

“Peg, oh she’s wonderful. She’s so talented and she’s so sweet and so giving,” responded Rogala.

As the store prepares to celebrate five years in business, so do these two friends. They were some of the first artists in and have no ideas of packing up any time soon.

“I have been doing beadwork for years. I buy glass beads. I bead the crystals or anything that brings light. and I just love doing that. The big globes and the little crystals,” added Rogala.

We asked what the key is to being co-workers with your best friend.

“I do it with lots of love and hoping people love it too,” said Rogala.