ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) – Tour Da Yoop, Eh kicked off their 1,200 mile, 10 day bike tour in Manistique on Friday, July 29th and ended their first day in Escanaba with a jump in Lake Michigan. This year, Tour Da Yoop partnered with the Upper Peninsula Lions Childhood Cancer Program to raise awareness and money for families with children who are battling cancer in the U.P.

“What’s important is that the families that live up here have to deal with special challenges and one of them is that most of the treatment centers, all of the doctors are located downstate or in Wisconsin,” said Chris Smith, the Chairman of Upper Peninsula Lions Childhood Cancer Program. “So, that involves, like, a 3, 4, 5, 6 hour to and from treatments. And so, what our main mission is that we want to help these families with travel, with medical expenses, household bills, anything that’s going to make their lives easier when they’re trying to get through this.”

Smith said they were able to raise $30,000 this year for families who are experiencing these hardships.

“We are in an area that doesn’t see a lot of what we’re doing,” said Chelsea Gatien, who has a son with cancer. “You know, we don’t have a lot of peds cancer and kids that have it get sent out to different areas because we don’t have the healthcare to suffice for the kids that need it. So, it’s isolating to feel like you’re in an area where you’re kind of alone, but to be a part of an event like this where people are coming together to support things just like this for children like my own and it’s inspiring. There’s no other words for it.”

If you want to know more about the Tour Da Yoop, Eh, you can find their website here.

If you want to know more about the U.P. Lions Childhood Cancer Program and what else they provide, you can find their website here.