MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Bringing home a dog is signing up for a lifetime of responsibility. To build a foundation for success, Dogs Beyond the Fence offers a variety of classes and opportunities. The latest class of basic obedience training wrapped up its six-week training on Thursday at the Westwood Mall in Marquette.

The group of dogs ranged in age from a few months and up to seven years. Dogs and handlers learned the commands like sit and stay, but also worked on skills like coming in and out of doors, how to walk not pull on a leash, and greeting people and other dogs.

One of the trainers, Katie Miedona says the classes are just as much about the dogs as it is the humans.

“So, we always joke that we actually train humans and not dogs. Because a lot of it is handler skills and communication with your dogs because our dogs come into this world, not knowing English. You know, they’re coming into this like you’re going into a foreign country not knowing the language. So it’s our job to teach them what words are how to behave, give them some expectations, give them some boundaries, but humans need to be confident in that because the dog is going to respond to that confidence. And all of that with working with them building that bond,” said Miedona.

The trainers suggest, if you’re out on trails or in public and come across someone with a dog, ask the handler before approaching them or letting your dog interact with theirs.

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