Farm to School: Ishpeming students growing in and out of the classroom

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WJMN) – Partridge Creek Farm has been teaching 5th grade students at Ishpeming Elementary School for years with it’s Farm to School program. On Wednesday, students hosted their own farmer’s market with the produce they’ve helped grow.

May Tsupros with Partridge Creek Farm was on hand for the market. She paused from giving the students compliments and encouragement to talk with us. She said the program is about more than learning to grow healthy food. It’s about understanding why it’s healthy, how the foods work together,

“It has to trickle into their household. So we’re super intentional about making sure they have recipes to talk about with their families. We talk about what to do with the food, and try the food so they can go home and say I really want that fresh salad with the lemon and olive oil dressing on it. I want those carrots, cut up and not cooked, just raw. So we’re teaching them the skills not only how to grow it, but eat it, so they’re getting the full nutrients. and encouraging them to like it and try it in class. so they can tell their family they like it and they want it,” said Tsupros.

You can feel her passion for the project by talking with the students. Every one of them told us they tried something they’ve never had before. Many of them told us how much they now love kale.

“So what that means to us is everything. We want healthy kids, health families, and a healthy community,” added Tsupros.

To support the efforts of Tsupros and Patridge Creek Farm, she said $500 will provide a classroom of 35 students with a day of programming.

Partridge Creek Farms also clued us in on a big reveal about the Farm to School program on October 24th with the Taste the Local Difference food conference. Hinting about a possible expansion.

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