Flat Stanley spotted in the Upper Peninsula

Positively U.P.

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – From Presidents to polar bears, Flat Stanley has done more traveling than most of us will do in a lifetime. During October 2020, Flat Stanley found himself touring the sights and natural beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Flat Stanley originated as a book by author Jeff Brown. In one part of the book, Stanley visits a friend in California by sending himself in an envelope. Educator Dale Hubert liked the idea and Flat Stanley was born as a way to encourage students to engage with literacy.

Since then, classrooms have been participating in the Flat Stanley Project.

When a member of the WJMN Local 3 News Family, Burns Severson found out he had family members in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan who were participating, he knew where to take Stanley on vacation.

“We took Flat Stanley on a tour of Marquette. Most notability a trip to Laughing Whitefish waterfalls. He had never been there and he really seemed to enjoy it. It was a snowy day and we also saw some turkeys. We also visited the visitor center and saw the statue of Jacques Marquette. Stanley is real history buff.  He also saw the Carp River Furnace,” said Severson.  

Giving the paper cutout of town also proved to be a welcome distraction for Severson, giving him a chance to be a tourist in his own backyard.

Stanley couldn’t resist a trip to the WJMN Studio, where he tried his hand at using our cameras, forecasting the weather, and even providing some headlines of the day on the anchor desk. While his delivery was a bit… flat, Stanley was a welcome guest.

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