MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – If you’ve lived in or around Marquette over the last decade, you’ve either been to a show or at least seen the flyers for Geoff and Jon’s Record shows. This dynamic duo of record collectors returns to celebrate ten years of sharing their love of music with others.

Geoff Walker and Jon Teichman have built a semi-annual tradition of bringing their record show to the upper room of Ore Dock Brewing Company. Since 2013, thousands of records have passed through the doors.

We talked with Geoff Walker in October of 2022 as he unloaded dozens of boxes full of vintage and new vinyl. He shared some of his most memorable moments with us.

The four-day record show runs from noon on Thursday, March 23 through 11 p.m. on Sunday March 26th. Along with vinyl records, they will have CD’s, stickers, t-shirts, and gift certificates.

Details for the event on Facebook are here.

New for this show is pop culture trivia on Sunday, March 6 from 6-8 p.m. It’s an all-ages event with teams up to 6 people allowed.

Jon Teichman stopped by the WJMN Local 3 Studios to talk about all things vinyl and even test our trivia knowledge. Check out our full interview with him in the video above.